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when i got out 9:45am and was at marina
when Lila came up to me says NO FISH out in bay
go Home so went out getting hammerd by Gnats
stopped at one spot and 2 BIG Croakers 1 small TB Perch
then moved after Fighting Gnats moved another spot
Gnats hard bitting and so was the Perch got 4 dubble headers there
i couldnt stay there due to Biting Gnats moved to my hotspot
wind was about 5 to 10 just enough keep gnats away
cast fish on more dubble headers Perch and then 22 inch striper very fat
she swims away another 18 incher again swim away
then perch after perch till i run out of bait
i left them bitting i had 80 TBs small perch 22 keepers
as i got in storms start to roll in clean fish stayed at marina til 5 came home
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