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51 inch 47 1/2 Del Bay Striper

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Small fish :))))

Way to go Bryan!!!!
HOLY SH*T!!! Thats awesome!!! Sorry last post, shows my envy!! CONGRATS
I'll be after her big sister tomorrow. Nice catch
very nice! bunker?
that one goin' on the wall?
I'll be making that appointment for the wall tomorrow. Meats packed and nthe freezer already.
Yo Bryan,That?s a Beauty Congratulation, Saturday night I stop at Harbor view to get my Bunker for Sunday,ask Bryan if anything was happing he said he weight a 471/2 lb then show me the Pitcher,man I was Pump,then Greg call me and said you got a 471/2 lb in that honey hole,Bryan nice job Buddy
Thanks Murph, I drove by on Sunday and your door was still closed so i figured you went out on Sat evening. I'll catch up with you ths weekend if your down...Thanks
great job wish i could of caught it
Good Job!
Nice catch, I am still looking for my 1st striper of the year. I would take one half that size now.
1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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