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6-2 Real-time report on Great Bay

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Whiskers just called me with a report from the Great Bay. Said he has been trying everything with no bites to speak of just a couple of sand sharks. He also said it is real cold down on the water today, not windy but overcast and cold.

I hope the fishing picks up for him. By the way he is targeting stripers right around the inlet in a few drop offs that have been succesful in the past. He said he has tried everything chumming clam with clam on the hook, bunkers even eels. The fish just don't want to bite!

Thanks for the report and I hope it turns around for you with the tide.
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I think he is targeting the wrong fish. ;)
Originally posted by A Frayed Knot:
I think he is targeting the wrong fish. ;)
Have you been doing any good with the flatties down there?

I was going to head down tonight off the SOD for weakies but he said it was cold and getting colder so I think I will stay closer to home and do some fresh water fishing instead.

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I've caught plenty of little ones, been struggling for the keepers. Any advise?
Thanks For That Report BottomBouncer,,
fish shallow water 8 foot and less has been producing chartruse 1/4 ounce bucktails with spearing out around the danger tower
Originally posted by BottomBouncer:

Have you been doing any good with the flatties down there?
I have done 4 trips since last Friday and we have gotten 48 flounder with only 8 keepers. We have not fished one particular spot. This afternoon we 64 degree water at high tide. The fish are there and it can only get better as the water warms.
Thanks fcor the replies guys! I am glad to know I am not the only one reeling in the shorties ;) :D
Bigger ones are around. Heres a pic of JohnyD with 2 that we got on Sunday.
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Cooking some right now. I love fried flounder w/ mayo and tomato
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Hey guys! Fished "our" spot Fri BB :D Went thru EVERY good jig head and ALL my good pinkies!! narry a weakfish bite :mad: Rick, least your catchin. johnnyd, I was at Barnfest with my wife 2-3 yrs back. We sat with you and your better half. CaptG, Bucktail, & I think Cape May Ray also, least I think.
Hey Mr. Knot nice pair of flatties and nice shirt, where is that pub? I have the same last name.
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