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7/14 mike and I
moved around outside of capemay inlet caught small seabass, puffer and very small porgy, couple of TB fluke and a 24"

dropped the puffer fish off @ no bones for freds tank

7/15 mike, dad and me
picked up bait at no bones Left the wildwood dock early 6:45am to beat the dukers out, (weren't fishin the duke of fluke because I had to go to a &*%#@! birthday party) got to the capemay inlet looked calm and fog seemed to be clearing headed out to ocean and it was calm headed south toward cape may and got in the worst fog I've ever been in. got 1/2 way and decided to turn back. got to the inlet and the dukers were leaving 7-8 wide in the inlet and running wide open dodged a few boats and got back in with out a scratch (barely). We did see a bunch of Dolphins in the ICW north of the 2mile bridge, guess they didn't like the fog either.

Joined the fleet in the parking lot called the ICW and drifted back to wildwood bagged an 18" flatty and returned to the dock quickly so I could leave the shore early for that %$#*@ party. got to the dock and headed to fileting table to clean the catch. Did not realize how green the flatty was and slapped it on the table and went to cut it and "whack bang SPLASH" fish moved i missed it got tail slapped in the face and mister flatty rejioned his friends in the back bay.


I tell you this that will not happen again. next fish gets cut and bleed in the bucket

Anyone else have to change their underwear after being in that fog saturday?

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