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82LB DrumFish Caught

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Photo Courtesy of Scotts Bait & Tackle
Tink Suraliks 82.5lb/53"/40"Girth Drumfish
Caught In Tuckerton Bay on Clams..

Way To Go Tink !!! Great Catch....

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Wow nice Fish !!! Congrats :cool:
hey tink maybe we should get a gaff.i almost sunk the 12 footer trying to pull the fish in the boat.see you this weekend. louis
Great fish Tink.I hope that baby turns into a Triton!
Here's another caught recently -

Photo Courtesy of Scotts B&T
Chris Handel 69.4lb 44" on Clam

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Thanx for those pix. It's given me the extra push I needed to get the boat done.
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