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I was on the water at 6am, Cape May Harborview. I hit numerous sodbanks from CM to RioGrande with artificials for a bass or weakie. Used all sorts of lures, Tzunami bunker, Mambo bunker and pinkies, plus a couple dark bombers. It was still dark, but things looked good. A few bites, but nothing was landed. Saw some topwater action that did not appear to be blues. My buddy had one hooked, I was thinking small striper, really small. Went back to Harborview for a cup of coffee, bait and some networking.

I met and spoke to Adambomb, nice meeting and talking to ya pal.

Got some bait and went out in front of WW. Non-stop croaker action. Landed one amiss 19 inch fluke and 4 weaks, keeping two.

Weather got real nice in the afternoon. The smell was in the air. The smell of Mr Striper's appearance. Water was 68 deg pretty much everywhere I went. A Great day aboard the Dirty Deeds.
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