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9 PM Deadline to Enter BSC Tournament

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The deadline to sign up for our tournament is 9PM tonight. Please join and do so at any of our 10 registration and weigh-in stations listed below

Paul Haertel of the Berkeley Striper Club said the organization will hold its second annual spring bass tournament from June 3 to June 12 to benefit Stripers Forever. Stripers Forever is a relatively new internet group that has been waging its game fish-only status for stripers along the entire East Coast.

The tournament is open to all waters of Monmouth and Ocean counties. The entry fee is $20 per person for the shore and surf division, and $30 per person for the boat division.

There will be seven place awards for both the boat and shore-surf divisions, first through third prizes for bluefish and first and second prizes for weakfish. There is a guaranteed pot of $2,500 in the shore-surf division regardless of the number of entrants.

The boat division will have a pot of $2,500 based on 100 entrants. There will be an 85 percent payout of the entry fees; so prize values will increase if there are over 100 entrants, decrease if there are fewer than 100. Registration can be made and weigh-ins recorded at the following places: Alex's, Bahrs' Landing, Betty and Nick's, Bruce and Pat's, Eastern Dock Outfitters, Grizz's, Fishermen's Headquarters, Murphy's Hook House and Scott's.

Further information may be obtained by telephoning Haertel at (973) 943-8201.

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