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Absecon (8/6 & 8/7)

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Had my girl friend & her girl friend out on the High Roller. Every time I take her with me she skunks me :mad: ??? I got all the shorties out of her way so she could get her three keepers
. 17",17 1/2" & 18 1/2". They have a Fantasy Fluke pool($1906.00) :eek: , the exact wieght was 2.14lbs, her 18 1/2" was 2.13lbs:( :mad: , darn, I thought I had a new rod/reel combo. Deep, was looking, did not see you out there There were some nice flatties caught.ON SUNDAY AFTHERNOON, SOMETHING :confused: HIT MY NEW AVET SX 5.1, STRIPPED LINE OUT LIKE A TRAIN THEN SNAPPED :mad: .DID SEE A LARGE SHARK IN THE WATER. COULD NOT TELL OR SEE TO I.D. :confused: .I THOUGHT MY NEW REEL WAS A GONER :eek: .Will be back out next weekend to recover my rig ;)from it's mouth. Haig
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I forgot, I did get one 18" keeper
on Sunday.Haig
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Herr General:

What's the scoop, you bring home the bacon...and Nancy brings home the fluke?

Shame about missing the pool by one-onehundrth!!!
Sounds like you need to leave your girl friend home next time Haig :D :D Should have stuffed that flounder with some bait..... You'll get em next time.

We were out Sat & Sun in the early am and tried out front and had good action on Sat with 14 keepers (my dad got one 4 1/2) and 2 nice size sea bass and gave it another try on Sun but couldnt find many keepers but had a blast with some big blues before the skys got dark and we called it a day and came in through LE inlet and made the trip home down the ICW.

Glad you had a good couple days on the water and also could have been a big ray in the inlet, they are real strong and take off like a train :eek:

I'll be on the sideline for a week or two so catch em up.
Like deep said , sounds like you had a close encounter with a cownosed ray . When they fight on the surface they'll stick one fin out of the water while they are on there side , it looks similar to a shark fin especialy if your not shore what you are looking at.
Craig, could have been a cownosed ray, but the shark :eek: we saw earlier,makes me think it was him. I have 30# PP on the reel. He took the mackerl/minnow combo fast & hard till there was so much pressure on the line, it snapped :eek: . Captn. Mike didn't get a good look at what kind it was,but it was a shark.You know what realy gets me MAD :mad: , is that I lost :( my best flounder rig.Haig
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