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Absecon bay 7/31

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Lots of flat fish but lots of shorts went out about 600 am and fished till 230 pm 2 keepers and 1 croker I still dont know were that came from. But there was lots of boats to many for me. And every boat running wide open as close as they can come to you :mad: I have been thinking about throwing 2oz sinkers at them :D
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Thanks for the report blowfish, yeah the boat traffic can be too much sometimes but doable with early or later tides. Keepers seem harder to come by recently :( You have any 4's on the boat :D :D
Blowfish, tuff day :( . I hate when they do that :mad: :mad: . I also was there Sat. & Sun. One keeper, My job was to catch all the shorties :confused: so everyone else cauld get the keepers. Some nice fish caught, 3.5# to 4.5#ers :eek: . Fished on the "High Roller". I'll be there again this weekend, hope to see you there.Maybe we can hook up ;) ? I've been fishing Absecon bay & Inlet for the past 5 1/2 yrs. Haig
Fished Absecon Bay area on 8/2 high tide. Had several weakfish to 16" caught on plain hook and minnow while bottom fishing for flounder.
Haig - saw a picture of a 11 1/2 lb flounder in a tackle shop in Brigantine that was said to be caught near the bridge last weekend, so guess the big ones are still around :eek: ;)
Deep, that whole area holds some BIG :eek: flatties. My personal best flatty(8#er :D )was caught at cross tides. There are alot of area's there that have given up some big fish(12/14#ers) :eek: .I had access to a boat awhile back,no longer :( . We'd go to all these holes and catch our fill :D .Will be there again this weekend,hopefully to beat my personal best ;) . See you down there ;) .Maybe we can hook up
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I guess they're hanging in the deeper holes near the bridge with the warm water temps. Try and get yourself some live BIG baits and you know the saying...... Good luck, catch em up and give me a wave if you see me in a 21 dc striper :cool: I'll have a full boat Sat but will keep you in mind ;)
Friday Afternoon - fished ICW and Absecon Inlet. Grass was sooooo heavey. When the guy selling the bait says there ain't much happening out there - you can bank on it. Avoided the skunk with 1 short and 1 14" weakfish that went back.
Thanks for the report CrustyCrab, glad you avoided the skunk with some action. Heading down in the am and giving it a shout out front. Thanks :cool:
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