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Subjects: emails, the new striped bass game fish video, and Game Fish Hearing dates
Hopefully you have seen our seven minute video Link on why striped bass need to be legislatively designated as game fish. You are being asked to send a prepared email that prompts your legislators to take a few moments and watch the video for themselves. This is VERY IMPORTANT. We have a Game Fish Hearing coming up on Feb 28th in Boston, and the legislators who have already viewed the film, on a preview basis, were remarkably and positively impressed.~ For MA members; please send an email to your MA legislators by copying the following letter, paste it into an email addressed to both your Senator and Representative and fill in the blanks.~ If you are not sure who your legislators are they can be found by going to this web site Find My MA Legislator and filling in your address.
If you are not a MA resident we still need your help; you can use the same e-mail format but add the P.S. at the bottom of this page andemail your letter to Marc R. Pacheco Senate Chair and Anne M. Gobi, House Chair of the Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture. It would also be helpful if you send your e-mail to the legislator for the town/s in MA where you go fishing. Let them know that you stay in hotels, go out to dinner, book guides, or whatever else you spend money on when to go fishing in MA. The more detail the better!
Thank you for taking these few moments to invest in the future of wild striped bass.~ Encouraging our elected officials to view this video will be a big boost for the game fish effort and a tremendous help for our Hearing efforts.
Dean Clark Co-chair Massachusetts Stripers Forever
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear ( title and name),
A brand new, seven minute video has just been released by the conservation organization Stripers Forever.~ It lays out the realities of our wild striped bass fishery and what needs to be done to insure its well-being.~ I sincerely hope that you will take just a few moments to view this entertaining and enlightening film that features many well-known and respected Massachusetts sportsmen/conservationists.
It can be seen by going to Link
I support the personal use premise as outlined in the film.~ I very much hope that you will watch this short, seven minute presentation and come to the same conclusions. After you watch it please let me know if I can count on you to support game fish legislation that will insure a viable future for wild striped bass and the economy they support.
I look forward to hearing from you and learning what you think about the video and Game fish status for wild striped bass. Thanks,
(Your name, address, and phone number here)For non-residents of MA add this P.S. message
P.S.~ I am not a resident of MA, but I regularly go fishing for striped bass there.~ I come to get good quality striped bass fishing, and making striped bass a game fish is important to maintaining a great fishery.~ The film referenced above clearly spells out many of the important reasons to make striped bass a game fish in your state.~
P.S.~ I am not a resident of MA, but I regularly go fishing for striped bass in my own state water.~ The same fish migrate up and down the coast, so how each state treats these fish affects everyone else’s fishing.~ The MA commercial fishery for large, breeding females stripers takes a very heavy toll on this important segment of the population.~
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