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Didn't get to post this earlier, but had a great afternoon on Thursday. It was probably the most injoyable days this season. Cool breeze, and the tide was just right.
Had a perfect drift goin in grassy channel with 3 -10 lb blues on every drift. I couldn't help but to expect a striper or big weakie on every hook up, since I was on the bottom with a pink finesse and shedder procut.
Was able to drift right up between the sand bars which is where the bigger fish were. I was fishing alone but had perfect confidence in the new 4 stroke Suzie to start with no effort, eventhough I had a fish on every time I ran out of water.
They may have only been blues but it sure gets the heart pumping after a long winter.

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Sounds like you had a great day. You have to love it when the conditions align perfectly and everything falls into place. Figured I would gamble and forego the flounders for now and ran up river yesterday and had 3 stripers to 32". Not to bad and the weather and wind were right.
BR, I was just North of GSP bridge in Mullica.
Hooked4, two bigger ones were on live herring and one on a plug. Actually I have to confess and say I did all the netting and dad did the catching :( , but I was navigating. That's worth something, right?.... right? H4, how do you make out in South river? I fish for perch all summer but further down in Tuckahoe/middle area. I am always afraid of getting cut in two by a ski in South but would love to try it early in AM some time.
It's a good fish to chase once the heat comes on... I am over that way almost every weekend in the summer. Maybe we can hook up sometime...
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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