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ADAM BOMB - GREAT FISHING 5/5(PM) - 5/6 - 5/7

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Hey guys!

We've been busy fishing, and the fishing has been great!

On Thursday afternoon following a great morning of drum and tog fishing, we departed near sunset with Danny Esposito's private group. The seas on the bay were gorgeous, and the fishing was very good! Jimmy got things started with the first drum of the evening, and it continued at a steady pace with the guys ending the evening with seven drum to 35lbs. in the box and some releases, as well. Great job, guys!

Saturday morning dawned to incredibly flat seas, light winds, and warm temperatures. We fished with Jack Comune's private charter. We started out togging and had an outstanding bite with many 4lb. to 5lb. fish and several 8lb. to 9lb. fish coming aboard. We limited out within an hour, and continued to catch and release non-stop for a while. We then made a move to look for a few flatties for about 20 minutes, and came up with just one throwback fluke, several misses and drops, and one decent weakfish that found its way in to the box. Great morning! In the afternoon, we departed with Al Fala's private group aboard along with The Boss making her first appearance of the '06 season. We left with calm winds and seas, and made our way to the drum fishing grounds. We were set up at 7:30pm, and immediately had great marks and we could hear them drumming under the boat. Yours truly got things started putting a hook in the first drum of the night. We boated that fish, and she went 35lbs. to 40lbs. Next up was Tom, sticking and landing a 20lb. black drum. The wind started coming real strong at that point, and just before we pulled the hook to get underway, Al Fala hooked and landed his first drum that he kept to make some DRUM PARMESAN with! We pulled up the anchor and made our way home thru one NASTY Delaware Bay that went from flat to real crappy like someone flipped a switch. The AB3 ate up the rough stuff great, and we got home, got the fish cleaned, and were ready for this morning.

This morning dawned with stiff NE winds blowing a steady 20 knots. Not to be diswayed, we ventured out on a bottom fishing open boat with Doug White and Greg Cowan's party on an open boat trip. We ran thru some snotty seas, and got set up on our one drop for the day that luckily produced OUSTANDING fishing! We had tons of fish, releasing the smaller fish and boxing 19 respectable keeper blackfish to 7lbs. along with a few nice humpback sea bass! The wind continued to honk even harder out of the NE and with the seas building and breaking, we made our way home after a great morning of fishing. Great trip, guys!

Can't wait 'till next time. It looks as though the weather might be tough for the next couple days, but after that we should be back on fanastic morning bottom fishing and evening drum fishing. Give us a call or shoot us an e-mail to get onboard. We have openings every morning this week for bottom fishing. Thanks!
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Originally posted by Captblock:
Its looks like this is one of the best starts of the season in the pond with drum, tog, flounder, and bass. Catching a weakfish early may be a good sign for the weakfish in the bay this year. I heard some are being caught in the nets also. There are plenty of fluke in the pond right now. Good job keeping your customers busy and happy. It is great to have a choice what to go after. ;)
Captblock, I agree. It has been a very good spring season thus far.
Dick, let me know when you want to fish. There are a lot of fish around, and I'd recommend trying to get on them a couple times before the limit changes. Also, we're seeing some nice sea bass showing up. How's a tog/sea bass combo sound? Let me know!

Carl - good to hear it. See you over there.

Al, the pleasure was ours. You guys were a blast to fish with, and we hope to be able to get out there again with you soon. Thank you!
Ed, fishing has been real good. We had about a week of really nice weather, and now a couple days of blow. Looking forward to getting back on them on Wednesday!
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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