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After market starter motors

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I need a new starter for my 1993 200 hp yamaha. I looked them up online and they are between $325- $400 for the units from Yamaha sites.I was able to find some after market units for $150 delivered with a 1year warranty. It seems to me its worth trying. I could buy almost 3 units for the price of 1. Does anybody have any experience with these after market units or any horror stories. Thanks
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When ever possible try and utilize OEM parts the quality is so much better! There is a reason OEM parts cost more most of the time. Rather than shopping on the net ,make a gd relationship with a local dealer. As you start to buy things from them tell them you will utilize their business for your purchases and if they can discount high ticket items for you. I would rather make a few dollars than nothing at all. You will find most of the time they can meet or beat the INTERNET (especially once you add shipping and time) One it really helps your dealer in tough times and two it gives you professional advice from someone who really knows the product and insures you get the right parts.
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