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After market starter motors

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I need a new starter for my 1993 200 hp yamaha. I looked them up online and they are between $325- $400 for the units from Yamaha sites.I was able to find some after market units for $150 delivered with a 1year warranty. It seems to me its worth trying. I could buy almost 3 units for the price of 1. Does anybody have any experience with these after market units or any horror stories. Thanks
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Like Dean said try to support your local dealers. The aftermarket starters are a lot cheaper than OEM but usually don't last as long. The other thing is if you do have a problem with it and you ordered it on the internet now you have try to get a hold of the manufacturer or the place you purchased it from and ship it back. If you take this all into consideration most times you will end up around the price as the OEM was and you know that starter will always fail at the worst possible time.
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