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All-Star Crew on the Partnership today

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Well- my son TJ just turned 10 so for his BD party I took him, his best friend Paul, and my daughter Julie out for some skiff action behind SIC and Avalon.

First part of the day we striper fished with clam. TJ was up first and fought his own 26 inch slot. Paul was up next and not only was it his first time on a boat, first time fishing, but he got his first striper a just below 24 inch shortie.

Julie round out the morning with a 2lb bluefish.
Then we switched gear and went skinny water flattie fishing. This was hard fishing for the kids- and the W made it even harder. This did not produce for us and we made it back to ther dock before the rain.

All in all every kids got a fish and we had fun too. My kind of day!!! Gonna hit the bay tomorrow.
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Nice report.
Get those kids a clamming license and let them play on the sand bar!!! 3 kids + 1 adult = 600 clams!!! :D
sounds like a great day with kids! Great report. Bass caught Avalon area? Tide? Nobby's neighborhood :confused: ;) :D
Dats da way ta do it Bro ! glad you and the kids had fun. Awesome !!!
Nice job tommy ! I had my daughter out saturday for a couple of hours and we 1 short flatty and 2 blues .Its great having the kids out and they will remember it for ever
Good show Tommy! Need to get ya out on the Ramblin some time...
Grabman- not too close to Nobbys- but not too far away either. It was b/h SIC.

Mike-Ramblin- I really do need to get out on the Ramblin sometime soon. You up here yet?
Nice job Tom.... Making memories!!!
Nice report and thats a real nice way to spend your sons b-day, I'm sure he had a great time.

I'm going to try some eels Friday and after the weekend and I'll let you know. I suspect the bigger fish will be coming out of the river real soon ,hungry and looking for fresh live bait
BW- Good luck. Can't wait.
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