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AMESL's Peg Board addition

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Although I had plans of doing this for years, I had to get the house 1st. Finally bought my house and with the Inspiration of my man Zriffic lighting a spark under my *BLEEP* the tranformation of the garage has begun.

Trust me, this thing will be filled and I will need a couple more boards when I pick up the rest of my hooks :thumbsup:

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Looks good Leon can't wait to see it filled.
Looks awesome Leon I think I might need to come up and test some of your baits LOL
Same goes here Leon. If you ever see something in my box you like just grab it but i am sure you already have 3 of it.
very nice Leon can't wait to rob I mean check out your peg board in person
Anytime you need extra room Leon my pockets are always empty.
LOL yes, I guess we could fit the Roles of Roman and Brian LMFAO

I own these STREETS
We could except I ain't got no hair like brian.
Oh SNAP, we changing locations :razz:

Yes you guys are your gonna be moving to Carneys Point in a few months. HAHA
1 - 10 of 79 Posts
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