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I've taken a half day today off from work, and plan to fish the afternoon away till dusk. I mostly fish in Chester County and would call Marsh Creek my local lake. I was thinking of changing it up a bit this afternoon and maybe go fish something new.

I understand the spot burn rule and am not looking for any specific info, but I was on this morning and they had posted the below list of lakes in Chester County. I'm curious if anyone has any knowledge of the list below and could make a recommendation as to which one I might want to go check out. I'll be fishing from the shore today and can bring my waders if necessary. I'd also like to know if any of these locations are even a public option as well. So if there's any on the list that you know are a No No, please let me know.


Fernhill Lake

Lower Lake

Milltown Reservoir

Sharpless Lake

Sinkler Lake

Township Line Reservoir

Westtown Lake
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