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Dear Craig,

It was great meeting on Sunday. I was very impressed how you approach me on your own and took "ownership" for recent actions occurring on the Barn. I just wanted to reiterate what I said to you that I never took anything personally for even one second. I respect that you provided me with explanations and apologized nonetheless. Again, there was no need to apologize.

I hope everyone realizes that whatever infractions/deletions/etc. I may have received where not from me trying to be deceptive, clever, or sly in anyway. It was out of ignorance for the rules and regulations of the site. Of course, ignorance is no excuse on my part, but that is why I never was offended by any of the actions.

Craig, as well as Ron, are both class guys who run a class site. They have the power to ban at will, but they always explain their reasons, and I can definitely appreciate that!

Thanks for everything you do. It was a pleasure meeting you.

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