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Change me schedule around this will be the first weekend I've had off in 5 years. Always been a Monday Tuesday guy(kinda don't like
Crowds). So Tomm I will be fishing in the storm Thts on it's way any other crazies gone be around this weekend. I'll be fishing somewhere between 31st and 57th in sea isle might be on the move the whole time not sure yet..... Anyone been out this past week?
Aww it's been 10 days since I seen my beach.... Other than the picture I jus wrapped my whole bedroom wall with. On anoter note my striped bass skeleton is coming along great another couple weeks it's polish and varnish time. Now I jus need another bass and tht one will be a skin mount it will be my first shot at mounting a fish gota get the fish first. Aahh jus trying to not go crazy over the next couple weeks waiting on the new season.
Sty tuned.
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