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Anglesea TOG

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I had some green crabs left so I ran over to the rocks in Anglesea. I fished for about an hour without a bite, and then WHAM. This is the result.

A perfect slot bass, 27 3/4"
You would have enjoyed watching me try to get this fish up onto the rocks.
In all the years that I have been fishing in this area this is only the 3rd time that I saw someone fishing for TOG end up catching a STRIPER. And one of those times the angler was using clam for bait. My #6 Virginia style hook had just a tiny piece of his upper lip. That was enough.
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OOPS, Something went wrong. Anyway it was a Striper.
Nice bass :D

I saw that once before too. I was holding onto the bridge on one side of the channel and my buddy was on the other side. The tog bite was pretty quiet and all of the sudden his rod bent in half. It was great watching him hold onto the bridge with one hand and try and reel the bass in with the other. Anyway he landed it and it was just over 30'' :cool:
Bob, Great Job!!...sorry I missed your "Ballet" trying to get the bass up the rocks...I have taken bass from that spot but never while targeting Tog...I havent fished the last few days, due to a back injury (carrying Xmas decorations!!!), but i'm glad to see that they are still around...keep after 'em....
Hi med,how are you doing?
BJ, you can call me anything you want except skinny.
What better place to catch a "Rockfish". Nice fish.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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