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any body fishing the great bay this weekend???

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hello all, i might be in the great bay this weekend, was wondering how the fishing is in that area???
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I know it's not the bay but maybe this will help you. I was 3 miles outside the inlet and we did alright once we found the flatties. Nothing big but we put some in the box.
Fished the clam stakes this weekend see report in botton dwellers section!
Talked to a guy working in Absecon Bay over the weekend and he said he picked up 7 or 8 keepers near the Coast Guard Station on big bucktails and strip baits up in the shallow flats area. See my report on Absecon Bay from 7/5, just south of Great Bay.
I have been fishing Great Bay and getting anywhere from 25-50 fish per trip with about 10-20 keepers.They are there you just have to put the time in and find the holes.Saturday we fished for 3 hours with only 5 fish and a lot of sharks and skates , then we made a move only about 300 yards away and nailed 30 fish in 3 hours.Small bucktails 1/4 to 1/2 tipped with spearing.Good Luck
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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