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Any Cape May Marinas Open Early?

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My current marina doesn't open until 4/15. Does anyone know of any other marinas that offer transient dock for 2 weeks beginning 4/1? Priority is Cape May, then Wildwood. Want to get the most out of tog fishing this April. Thanks, Tony
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I would try Utsch's, Snug Harbor and Schooner Island. I know Utsch's would likely be open, but not sure about the transient part.
Thanks. That's who I was going to try first. Their website says $2.50 per foot per day. Yikes! Maybe I'll get a better price, like striper season, for a 2 week stay.
I usually go to harborview for the first 2 weeks in April until bzl opens. I thought that's where you normally slipped. Are they not opening early this year?

I've also done the same at South Jersey Marina.
No, I'm at OffTheHook or Hinch Marina or Cape May Outboards, not sure what it's called right now. :)
1 - 3 of 7 Posts