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Any Suggestions???

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Putting my boat in this weekend, and will be down again to enjoy the long easter weekend and was hoping to get some fishing in then. I will have the boat docked in Avalon, any suggestions where I may be able hook into some stripers. I was thinking taking a ride out front and looking for birds between Sea Isle and Wildwood, but again completely open to suggestions.
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First, Welcome to the Barn!
In N.Wildwood there is a Clam bead or oyster bead
Not shore exactly where it is, Water temps are still a lil Low, But its Werth a shot.
Good luck
what is a blasting cap?
Dirt- I wouldn't think a out to the legal side of the Sea Isle Lump would be such a bad idea. Bring some heavy hopkins or AVA jigs and let em drop to the bottom- or maybe a heavier bucktail with a little strip of mackerel....or even a fishfinder rig with a hunk of clam on it.

Please be sure to pump us up and let us know how you did.

Oh- also Peacock shoal.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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