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Anybody hear the AC Press fishing results from last year?

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I believed they were supposebly in last weekends paper but I must of missed them. Does anybody have the results? Thanks
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Here is Sheps Article- When I Get To Work I Will Look For The Overall Results..
Glance at contest results reveals significant details
Published: Saturday, January 21, 2006
Updated: Saturday, January 21, 2006

It's kind of interesting to take a look back at the last fishing season this time of year.

Sometimes, it's actually cold out and the review provides a needed mid-winter break.

There is one constant: Each year is different.

The Press 2005 Fishing Contest wrapped Sunday by publishing the winners. But culling the entries revealed trends not always evident day-to-day.

There were some fish caught that would have been contenders for a "most unusual catch" prize.

Jacks are among the most plentiful fish in the ocean, but not always in our waters.

We had a 6.6-pound jack crevalle caught by Mike Martin of Absecon on Sept. 24 in Duck Thorofare; a 5-pound, 8-ounce black jack caught by Joe Bonjorno of Sea Isle City on Aug. 17 at the Wilmington Canyon; a .2-pound hard-tailed jack caught by Joe Scuillo of Corbin City on Sept. 22 in Tuckahoe River.

The "most unusual" winner likely would have been a 3-pound, 8-ounce rainbow runner caught by Bill McCann of Folsom, Pa. on Aug. 19 at the Wilmington Canyon.

A rainbow runner is a colorful, hard-fighting jack that is "nowhere abundant", according to McClane's New Standard Fishing Encyclopedia.

The rainbow runner is a new listing and the crevalle is a record in The Press Fishing Contest.

Denise Christopher of Galloway Township caught a 300-pound thresher shark at the Stone Beds on June 12. Nikki Miller of Mayetta in southern Ocean County caught a 673/4-pound longfin tuna on Oct. 1 at the Spencer Canyon. Both are Women's Division records.

Susan Burns of Somers Point caught a 663/4-pound longfin.

Dan Foley of Chalfont, Pa., caught a 7-pound bonito on July 16 at 2FB and Adam Sneathen of Cape May Court House caught a 4-13 ling on March 19. Both are Youth Division records.

Other notable catches entered in the Youth Division:

Eighty-pound drum, Andrew Lister, Humelston, Pa.; 4-2 rainbow trout, Tyler Cassidy, Bridgeton; 3-5 brown trout, Alex Costanzo, Petersburg; 1.78 white perch, Kyle Cooper, Egg Harbor Township; 9-ounce bluegill, Amanda Sciolis, Vineland.

Other special mentions:

Allan Cohen of Ventnor caught a 34.65-pound manta ray in the surf at Longport and entered it into the Senior Division. Rusty Chew of Cape May caught a 3.15-pound pollock on a fly rod. John Tomasello of Folsom caught a 4-8 brook trout.

Another trend that developed during the season was the presence of sizable cobia. Six showed up in The Press contest. Anthony Delanzo of Tuckahoe caught a 60-pound, 8 ounces cobia to top the list. Another went 52 pounds and was taken by Michael Thornton of Oreland, Pa.
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Looks like the contest results are archived on the Press of Atlantic City Website and they make you subscribe (Pay)for that service now...


You were listed as one of the winners.

Yeah, we had a couple of members on there. I know eelball and his son weighed in some nice ones as well...

Anybody Else ???
Thanks I knew I got the other than boat fly for striper but I was told that I got a striper for fly in boat and a flounder on fly in boat. I was just checking.
Two weeks ago they said it was going to be in last saturday. I couldn't find it.
The article came out several weeks ago

Originally posted by Longcast:
The article came out several weeks ago


You going tommorrow nite?
Why not the overall leaderboard in the paper? They skipped many species that are listed all year. They put the board in all year then the blurb at the end without all the fish varieties? Don't get it??
they narrowed down the amount of prizes and give out bigger cash awards.
my son won youth freshwater, 2nd yr in a row. Won't be much longer before he's teachin the old dog some new tricks.

I was going to be there, but I have to work.

My grandson Billy was in with a big blue in youth div.,any mention of that?
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