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Was out fishing Great Egg Inlet last night when a boat pulled up and asked for directions to shore memorial hospitol, the guys voice sounded like it had alot of urgency to it. I pointed to the hospitol and informed him to watch the buoys marking the dredge pipe. He thanked me and raced off. We watched as he almost ran into the pipe buoys. Then he got turned around somehow and headed for OC. I decided it was time to help out further, so we pulled anchor and raced to the boat asked if it was an emergency he said yes and I told him to follow me and off we went going as fast as my 16' boat would go(25-28mph). We got near OC and he turned into a marina and disappeared. I hope whoever was ill is okay.
I was just hopeing to hear if they made it okay. Anybody out there hear anything?

Boat looked to be 20-24' center console possibly a mako. Quit a bit of writeing on the side. It was hard to see in the inlet so this is a vague discription.
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