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ARE YOU READY ??????????????????

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Remember how fast Christmas got here and it's gone already. On Thursday the 6th I will be heading down to South Carolina for a big tackle show until the 9th. AC boat show is a month away. Meterologist consider winter as Dec, Jan and Feb so we are better than a third of the way through. Before we know it the lawnmower will be pulled out from behind the Christmas tree stand in the garage. Stripers are confused. Should we leave or is it time to return already. Lawmakers are already set to see how they can screw up this years flounder and stripers regulations.

Somewhere in the garage of limbo sits your favorite tackle. Memories of past battles linger as neglect sets in to sabotage this years trophy hunts. Tackle boxes sit locked up tight. Many with salt moisture from the last trip eating away at anything metal. Fishing rods lean in a corner slowly having a curved memory imbedded into their backbone. Drags still set for fighting the big one and slowly binding the bushings and washers so they just won't give when you need them most. Spools half filled with last years or worse fishing line. Under that line there is salt and moisture that can pit spools so that even new line will become nicked. Slime from the last keeper still coates the cork or foam grips hardening them for next season.

Are we ready for the new season? Most of us aren't ready for last season. Time to pay the tackle a little visit. A little TLC now will reward you in a few months. And just like Christmas, March will be here in a few days.
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My stuff is still thrown in the back of my truck, covered in sand. Like Ron said, thats what makes it fun. WHY CAN'T I REEL IN THIS FISH?!?!? :D
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