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Aruba Vacation

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Going to be in Aruba this coming May and was wondering if anyone had any experiences fishing? Any boat recomeetndations? Any Success? What were you targeting? Thanks in advance:D
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Im going early March, also interested. Thanks.
I can't recall the boat but there are a few right at the dock there in oranjestad, depending on the time of year they motor up around the tip of the island and fish for wahoo on the windy side
Tons of wahoo and baracuda. We spent a day targeting billfish and came up empty. Kens Toy was the charter we used, was able to save our trip with three large wahoo in last half hour.
do a search on "Aruba" in this forum. there have been a # of posts with info.

bottom line is that the fishing isn't great
Last march we fished on the rising star captain gregery down town by the ramada left at 6am and his mate picked us up at the hotel when other boats leave a 8.00 am the boats not fancy but his mate and tackel is top stuff 10 wahoo and 4 large mai and we hand lined in the 1 wahoo we fished off the light house in 350 ft less then 300 yard from shore you can call the desk at the tamiran hotel his cousin works their at the desk her name is iris $350.00 back need more info pm me [email protected]
I was there in Nov. had a great day fishing on the boat Driftwood dock at Oranjstad.We hooked up on (5) sails.There was another boat fishing in the same area,he hooked up (6) sails and had a blue marlin at the boat also.I think it was Ken's Toy.It docked across from Driftwood,dock in marina towards crew ships.
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