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as many Stell as International on a long range boat ?

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Bassbarn member Greg is fishing on the Royal Star for tagging/releasing trip to closed Clarion Islands now.
We got a report there are seven fishermen from Thailand and they brought so many Stellas that there might be as many Stellas than International on the boat. I am sure there will be some tackle failure to fight cow with spinning setups, but some will survive.
Greg brought Hots Gipang 77XXXH popping rod and prototype 5'2" 450g Black Hole jigging rod which is capable of lifting 100 lbs dead object. The Hots 77XXH weighs only 14 oz and 450g Black Hole weighs 11 oz, but I am confident both rods can handle even a cow.
I have a good feeling that Greg might catch a 300 lbs cow with jigging/popping setup as he was an lucky angler who caught 22 lbs blackfish out of Cape May this winter.
Let's see what will happen.

Time is changing.
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kil does a 300lb yf fight like a 300lb bf? cause fighting 150-200lb bf tire me out :)
me myself never got a yf over 90lbs.. that 275 is a monster for this side of the coast....
so kil he has almost as many stellas as you do :) lol do you even know how many reels you have and use? i would love to see what you have in fishing gear
I am still conventiona reel guy for jigging. :)
oh ok.. is there a reason? i have not jigged really that much
1 - 4 of 36 Posts
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