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as many Stell as International on a long range boat ?

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Bassbarn member Greg is fishing on the Royal Star for tagging/releasing trip to closed Clarion Islands now.
We got a report there are seven fishermen from Thailand and they brought so many Stellas that there might be as many Stellas than International on the boat. I am sure there will be some tackle failure to fight cow with spinning setups, but some will survive.
Greg brought Hots Gipang 77XXXH popping rod and prototype 5'2" 450g Black Hole jigging rod which is capable of lifting 100 lbs dead object. The Hots 77XXH weighs only 14 oz and 450g Black Hole weighs 11 oz, but I am confident both rods can handle even a cow.
I have a good feeling that Greg might catch a 300 lbs cow with jigging/popping setup as he was an lucky angler who caught 22 lbs blackfish out of Cape May this winter.
Let's see what will happen.

Time is changing.
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so kil he has almost as many stellas as you do :) lol do you even know how many reels you have and use? i would love to see what you have in fishing gear
I am still conventiona reel guy for jigging. :)
I am still conventiona reel guy for jigging. :)
oh ok.. is there a reason? i have not jigged really that much
There is no reason not to use conventional reels for tuna jigging. :)
Warm water + Big YFT = fight of a lifetime

Like Adam said though, Swords hands down. I got my A$$ kicked by one.
See the All the Stella on the boat. The rich guy owns 50 Stella. :eek:

thats just stupid.:cool:
From what i understand every angler has one satellite tag and they tag every other fish with standard tags. Also all lures or rigs can only have a one single hook on them for easy release. I think that those guys should not have a problem with the YF on there jigging/pooping gear until they get near 200#'s, i know Greg will not screw around and will grab the big gear if it's needed.
I will post some reports for Greg. He will be calling me from his satellite phone rubbing it in.
When do they start fishing tomorrow?
Ist report from Tuna Slayer from his wife

I'm posting for my husband. Please forgive my translation, as I don't speak "jigging" fluently.

Report from Greg on the Royal Star:

Arrived on the Royal Star today to find 7 jiggers from Thailand, including the head of Seven Seas. Their gear is unbelievable. It should make for a very "interesting" trip.

I'll post the first fishing report tomorrow night or friday morning.

Update from 2/11/10 - Fishing San Benedicto Island

Gear - Black Hole 350gm Rod and Jigging Master PE6 Reel (note from the wife - Sorry, I'm not 100% certain on this I can't read my handwriting.)

"We got off to a trememdous start with the jig bite starting early. I hooked 8 tuna on a 180gm FCL Labo jug. I managed to land 3. There were lots of sharks and pulled hooks. We're fishing barbless because this is a strickly catch and release trip. Eventually the jig bite died out, but live bait fishing was wide open. Anytime we got near the bottom there were 3 different species of jack. I landed 5 fish upto 105 lbs. in about 4 hours. "

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350g jigging rod is normally not for big tuna, but I have no doubt Greg can handle big yft with 350g Black Hole jigging rod as it is one of the strongest blank ever introduced.

I landed several bluefin in 150 - 180 lbs with PE5 reel and the wider version of PE6 reel should handle 200 lbs yft.

It seems FCL Labo jigs are not secret anymore. :) Labo jigs along with Nature Boys Swim Rider Short jigs will be new stars for tuna this season.

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Hey Kil, I was at the AC Canyon Runner seminar and really enjoyed your presentation- you had lots of great information . Thx for sharing your experience.

Hey Kil, I was at the AC Canyon Runner seminar and really enjoyed your presentation- you had lots of great information . Thx for sharing your experience.

Thanks for your kind words.
It is very satisfying when fishermen do very well with what I recommend.
I saw 20 - 50 lbs drag discussion briefly. If you use 15 -18 lbs drag, you wouldn't land a 200 lbs cow in two hours. That is why I recommend 22 - 25 lbs drag at strike for tuna all the time at the seminars. With the fighting technique I showed at the seminar, anybody can use 22 - 25 lbs drags even without fighting belts. ( I seldom use fighting belt.).

kils right on, and ive fished with him before and watched him catch a 200 plus blue fin with out a belt. All he kept saying was this is big, this is a big one. Only problem was it took him over an hour to get in. haha me an Enoch were busting his chops.
i think yellow fin fight harder than blue fin and big eye the hardest heres a 275lb yellow fin caught in the hudson 4 hour battle 50 lb test dragged the boat 11 miles 6 years ago on the mjs
Boy, the guy in the picture on the left looks an awful lot like me.:razz:
yea it was a beast, weve had a few come clsoe to 150 but that thing was a freak we got lucky to get the bite the rest was skilll.

Yep, that yellowfin is a biggin' for these parts!!! The biggest we have got was 140# something.

I believe yellowfin are harder fighting fish than Bluefin :thumbsup:
updated report from the Royal Star

Posted: 14:23:00
We made a move last night and awoke to conditions that were not conducive to fishing. We looked around for nothing and made a run back to salvage the afternoon. This sometimes happens. The positive side of things is that the travel time gave our anglers a time to get a little rest before we were hard at it again.
For the afternoon we had some action on 60 - 100# tuna, deploying a couple more archival tags in perfectly healthy tuna. Also we enjoyed a few wahoo stops just to get the adrenaline really racing through our veins.
We are opting for another location change tonight and are hoping to find better conditions tomorrow.

Posted: 14:22:00
We enjoyed good action this morning on 20 - 50 # yellowfin. By late morning we went looking for something bigger. It took us till early afternoon to get on better size fish. We spent the afternoon in a couple of drifts on 50 - 130 # fish. So far we've had steady action and tagged a good number of fish.
We are off to look at different scenery for tomorrow, hoping to put out more tags and have a little more fun while we are at it.

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Greg's updated report

Update from 2/12/10 - Fishing San Benedicto Island

Gear - Blew up a BX2 600 Reel on a med. tuna

"Today was sharky and casualties were high. Fish were smaller. Managed to conservatively hook 25-20 tuna, only tagged 6. Had about 6 tuna on jigs. Lost 3 jigs, 2 to tuna and 1 to a wahoo. Fished mainly bait. Had a wahoo skying out of the water. Fought a medium tuna (possibly a shark?) for about 45 mins with a belt and harness.

There were many a sardine being fished on jigging gear (not by me.) One of todays highlights, caught a 25lb. amber jack."

Update from 2/13/10 - Socorro Island and San Benedicto Island

Gear - Blew up Saltiga 50 on a wahoo

"We road 35 miles to Socorro Island to be turned away due to Mexican Naval exercises. After riding back, the fishing wasn't as good. I got 1 nice tuna and 2 heads. 4 wahoo on raider jigs.

Update from 2/14/10 (mid-day) Roca Partida

Roca Partida is 80 degrees and sunny.

"Today is a bad day to be a jig on the Royal Star. All out ripper jig bite from grey light to 1 hour after dawn. Sharks were a problem again and casualties were high. Lost 15 jigs. It was about 1 fish per drop. I landed a 40lb. yellow fin in 92 seconds on Black hole rod and jigging master PE 6 reel. Several larger tuna to the mid 100's hooked and caught, but they were not biting jigs.

We had several trolling stops. I hooked 4 wahoo on jigs and lost several others. Wahoo fishing was fun today. I have NO raider jigs left, but 8oz. chrome hammered diamond jigs seem to be working just fine."

Not as part of the fishing report from Greg, but I thought that I'd include this. He stopped using the "expensive jigs" and started using the cheap "flea market jigs" because he's not throwing the good stuff at the sharks any more.

Update 2/14/10 late day
"We spent awhile looking for tuna in shark free waters off Roca Partidia, but we were unsucessful. We headed back inside. I hooked 3 wahoo 40-50 lb. on 8oz. hammered diamond jigs. Tonight we head 160 miles to Clarion Island, we hope to be there for 5 days."

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