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What's the deal with FLW or the ASA? Anybody hear any updates, the season is fast approaching. I've been checking both sites and haven't seen new information yet.
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I am still waiting to hear as well.

I called a Dan Grimes from the FLW and left him a voicemail asking for some more details on Tuesday.

As of today he did not return my call.

As for the ASA... I have not heard anything. New tournament director??? I know Bob Flocken was at last weeks SKA event in Key West.
flw just hired a tourny director about 2 weeks ago
from what i heard there will be a schedule out relativly soon
as far as tournaments go i heard some info second hand so we can only wait and see
The ASA dates will be given thursday.( thats what I was told)I thought flockin was out.He is a good guy and he will be missed at the trailer
The ASA will be sold to Fountain and they are expecting to close the deal on Wednesday and announce the details and schedule. This is what I was told by the owner of the ASA.

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Well here it is Thursday and no update from Fountain or ASA as I was told would have happened yesterday. It sure would be nice to know sometime soon when the schedule would be out for the year. Hopefully we will find out at least a month before the first tournament so that we can plan accordingly.

And they wonder why they don't get a great turnout at their tournaments. Some advance notice would go a long way to help all of us setup our calendars to be able to fish these.

ASA/Fountain any of you responsible for these tournaments lurking around on this site? Please update us.

I found a contact for the FLW and his cell #. I spoke with him yesterday. He was in Cape Cod setting up a schedule. He told me he will be working his way down to VA in the next 2 weeks and should have everything posted within a month.

Email me if you want his cell #. His name is Bill Carson.

Thanks for the update, that's great news about the FLW.

Now if only the ASA and Fountain can give us an update that would be great. There are a lot of us that are waiting for the 2006 schedule and the fate of the ASA.
Game On, Do you fish the ASA, if so what boat?

You've met me a few times already, fished with Harry up in Port Judith last year. I use to fish it on my boat the first year ASA started as Reelentless. Sold that boat and was fihsing with Kingfisher and also fished with Harry a few times. I plan on fishing this year on my new boat 33' Palmetto "Game On". That is of course if we ever find out about the schedule.
hey ralphy
you were the gut puking all over harrys boat in point judeth

Wouldn't you puke if you had to look Harry all day? Just kidding Harry :)

Joe a little bird told me that you were getting a new Contender this year? Is that true?
just busting balls steve
good to see you might fish the asa
as for the boat it all depends on the sale of the 36
Well its up on the ASA sight.Whats up Ralph :D Steve my boy do I realy look that bad?Hay Chris,Joe,Ron well its on the the sight.Let the games begin!!

I just checked, there isn't any updates on the ASA website? Where did you see it?

I just checked again, the only thing I see is the May 5th - 7th, 2006
Boater's World Star's & Striper's Tournament
Bay Bridge Marina

But this doesn't help any, we need to see the entire schedule. How can someone decide on if they are going to fish a tournament trail if they don't see the entire schedule for the year?

Do you know if they are releasing the entire schedule soon?

How ya been? Thankd for the call over the Holidays. I just checked out the tournament schedule. Looks real promising this year, especially for the NJ teams.
Steve {ralphy}:} Check again, the schedule is up now
OK, now I see it. Yes it's definitely different this year.

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