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Assassin Pattern

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I know I promised a couple of you guys recently to post the Assassin pattern on some special sizes. With pics. I spent all day hanging doors on my house. I'll get to it. Sorry for the delay. This full time work gig sucks!!! Everything has to be scheduled out the wazoo. Run, run, run. Geeeze. :eek:
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Yep, it's a clouser
Welcome Sole, looks like nobody picked up on the fact that we have some fresh blood around, and the sharks are starting to circle. You wandered into an ongoing joke that got started in an another post. Kind of tough to follow if you do not know the story. I think it started in " what is your favorite bass plug" a few posts down but very recent.

Let me be the first to warn you, Don't mess with the " FUDD", watch out for the guy from NC( Dixie). Dont get involved with any of his swimming lessons if he offers them.:fighting:.

Always use UV Knotsense, learn to tie an albright, master the slim beauty, and don't use cheap hooks.

Now, tell us something about yourself...............and welcome

Oh, and patronize Barn advertisers
u been sniffin the softex again, aaron?

welcome, new guy... sit and listen a spell. dont spill yer beer on the shop floor, the boss gets pissed...:thumbsup:
That softex is some powerful poop!
Oohh *%$#@!

There went my last bon bon. . .

Now what am I gonna do. . .

Well I went ahead and tied my own clouassinator.

See the dumbell eyes make it a clouser, yet the peacock hearl resembles the assassin, but not quite, so hense only one ***. Oh, theres yak hair, then flash, bucktail, moose mane, and more bucktail. Clearly my own design, yet dependant on so many others that have gone before. . .

Oh well, it's a "night thing" tied on a gami octopus 3/0 cause I bought them in a fit of whatever and I like the materials, and experimenting.

Something to keep us busy till the real assassin comes along:bow:

I would reverse the bucktail and the yak hair, and tie the yak hair in sparse. I even tried soaking some yak hair in fabric softener once, and it did not soften it. Still I think you are on to a good idea. I have a couple crabby clousers I tied sparse with yak hair. They make a nice silouette.
Maybe you could call it a classsassinator:D
1 - 4 of 27 Posts
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