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Assassin Pattern

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I know I promised a couple of you guys recently to post the Assassin pattern on some special sizes. With pics. I spent all day hanging doors on my house. I'll get to it. Sorry for the delay. This full time work gig sucks!!! Everything has to be scheduled out the wazoo. Run, run, run. Geeeze. :eek:
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Yep, it's a clouser

No, it's a clouser knock-off....:D
. This winter is getting to our heads.


u been sniffin the softex again, aaron?

welcome, new guy... sit and listen a spell. dont spill yer beer on the shop floor, the boss gets pissed...:thumbsup:
Oh, just opened a fresh one :p. Do some people use it on their flies??
' take it easy that stuff causes dain bramage.....:please:
1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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