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Assassin Pattern

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I know I promised a couple of you guys recently to post the Assassin pattern on some special sizes. With pics. I spent all day hanging doors on my house. I'll get to it. Sorry for the delay. This full time work gig sucks!!! Everything has to be scheduled out the wazoo. Run, run, run. Geeeze. :eek:
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Well listen Yank, my bon bons are running out and I need something else to do so let's get on the stick!

Oohh *%$#@!

There went my last bon bon. . .

Now what am I gonna do. . .

Well I went ahead and tied my own clouassinator.

See the dumbell eyes make it a clouser, yet the peacock hearl resembles the assassin, but not quite, so hense only one ***. Oh, theres yak hair, then flash, bucktail, moose mane, and more bucktail. Clearly my own design, yet dependant on so many others that have gone before. . .

Oh well, it's a "night thing" tied on a gami octopus 3/0 cause I bought them in a fit of whatever and I like the materials, and experimenting.

Something to keep us busy till the real assassin comes along:bow:

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Hmmm, that would be a little better than some of the nicknames I've had in the past. . .

Thanks for the tips. I did try it in the tub and seems to ride properly. They are large dumbell eyes, I will look for larger. Just looking at the fly though I see your point of reversing the BT and Yak. I was going for the most length in the belly. I'm not tying a whole lot, working two jobs myself, but just enough to keep my appetite up.

Also the abundance of patterns out there is staggering, herring, bunker,spearing etc. . . and a million ways to tie. So I have been focusing on getting my skills with the tools and materials down and colors for night where color gradation and exact match may not matter so much.

As always, thanks for the help!

1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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