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Atlantic City boat show opens tomorrow.

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The show runs from Wednesday 3/1 through Sunday 3/5. I will be there with the Captains and Mates of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association at booths 624 & 626.
Stop by and talk fishing, learn about our Junior Mate training program and the Junior Mate Artificial Reef Project which currently has a truck load of reef balls waiting to be deployed.
We will have video of fishing action on our various boats as well as reef deployments and under water footage showing the growth and the fish that followed on some of the vessels and reef balls we have already deployed.
See you in AC!
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Does anyone have the daily schedule? The “Educational” page on the website keeps giving me a “403 Page Forbidden” error
Went on Thursday… seemed smaller with a few brands I remember were missing.

Listened to Jim H on striper fishing, rigs etc. Noel F from One stop was supposed to be there but didn’t show.

Checked out some wave runners for a friend and was amazed that Yamaha is still backordered for most popular models. You have to waitlist and at this point might not even get your delivery this year. Some dealers had 1 or 2 specific models available.
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