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Avalon report 6/15 (gettin better)

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Went out yesterday to get the high tide in the evening. Almost didnt go becasue of isolated thunder storm warnings but we did becasue we wanted to fish and also we wanted to see what out new honda would do. We got to avalon and the sky was blue but a lil windy so much for thunderstorms, anyway back to the fishing first drift we got a 16 inch short. Things were looking up but we went dry for a while then we got a 17.5 and 22 were caught within minutes of eachother. As we got closer to the tide the fishin got better came away with 5 keepers with the biggest being 22 and 3 shorts good ratio huh.
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What a ratio! Mr. Twister and I have put in about 2 hours a day for the last 3 days. And all we having been catching is shorts! :(
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