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Avalon report over the weekend

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Fished hard sat.caught one 40" bass out by the #2 bouy and 2 decent blues. One tried to jump right into the boat.

Went out for a few hours yesterday in the back bay. Zero. called it a day and watched football.

Hopefully, it'll get better this week.
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The football season is over, so all that is left is the fishing.
Fished all morning and most of the afternoon behind Avalon and in TI on Fri. 11/4. Fresh clam, eels and bunker. Not a bite (for the second time in a row). Where are the fish????????
We caught one Slot behind Avalon along the sod bank near the big causeway bridge. Claming. then moved to the north end of Cedar Island where we landed a 3 foot ell - thick as a piece of hickory wood.
Fished Tues. with fresh clam in several holes behind Avalon. Managed one big croaker, and a skate. Water was 57 degrees, and was full of grass. Fishing is tough, 3 trips over the last 10 days, and not one striper.
Nothing again yesterday. Went out at 1:30 pm. drifted eels by #2 bouy for 2 hours. Then hit the sod banks across from avalon marina. The big Skunk.
On the bright side, I'm getting reports that they are hitting them hard in Pt. Pleasant area, so they must be on the way. Blue fin tuna were chasing some of the blue fish too. Check out
Trust me, there's not much more action in Pt. Pleasant than you have down there. There are scattered reports from Manasquan to Seaside, but that's all they are, scattered. I've fished this area 5 times in the last two weeks and all I've managed is 3 short stripers and 1 12# blue.
thanks Cam.
I'm on my way to forked river in a few minutes. I'm gonna fish out front of IBSP this afternoon. I'll let you knnow how we do.
The fish are comming thats for sure! the bad news is that there all over the five fathom bank and the Sea Isle Rdge,hoping they get closer,I won't push the envolope,it gets tiring to hear it year after year.
I couldn't get out into the ocean on a friends boat. Seas outside Barnegat were 5 to 6. Too big for a 21'er. stayed in the back and got the skunk.
I hope all the fish that are coming are not 17 miles out like BOTB says.
finally got into the bass behind Avalon on Sunday. Two tweeners and four over 34". All on No Bones bellies. Fish were caught on the first two hrs. of the incomming. All fish were real healthy.
I've got poison fingers!!! Can't catch a f%@#^ng thing right now. Makes me feel a little better to hear it's not just me. I'm on foot so I'm limited, but this really is starting to get to me. Couple tiny rats lately is it. Had the same problem this time last year. All my spots are in the dead zone right now. I know it will change but this sucks!
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