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I have one of the Avet JX 4.1's left in Blue. This is one of the models we were clearing out this spring. This is one of the four I was saving for myself but I don't have time to make a new rod for it this fall so I'll let this one go. Brand New reel, still comes with the Factory Warranty. First $139 takes it, free shipping and mono spooling. 1-888-361-7648

Line capacity:
30lb - 300yd *
25lb - 380yd *
20lb - 410yd *

Other Features:

* Gear Ratio: 4.0:1, 6.0:1, or 8.0 to 1
* Drag Capabilities: 9 lb Strike, 16 lb Max
* Lever Drag Control System
* New Cast Control Sytem to prevent backlashes and line out control for livebait fishing.
* 99.9 % maintenance free system (occasional fresh water rinse is recommended)
* All corrosion resistant materials
* 100% precision machined aircraft 6061-T6 aluminum True-One piece frame
* Type 2 Anodizing
* 6(all) stainless steel sheilded ball bearings, stainless steel fasteners, springs, clips
* The longest free spinning spool at every drag settings
* All new revolutionary, extremely stable AveDrag drag washer with smooth control at all conditions (wet, dry, cold and hot).
* Clicker
* Proudly designed, machined and assembled in USA.
* Weight 20 oz
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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