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Back Bay Bass

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We went out in the back this morning to catch the beginning of the outgoing. I started my clambelly slick as the sun was coming up. After about a half hour I got a 30 incher. That was it for the trip but it's a start. The water was 48.5 and pretty clean. The bass had 5 clambellies, a pipefish, a mantis shrimp, a small blue claw crab, and a bunch of grass shrimp. What a pig he was. :eek:
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Thanks for the report aimless thats a great sign. Can't wait to put the boat in!

nice job aimless I hope to break the ice this weekend
Damn thats all the baits I lost fish on last week!
that was my pipefish please send it back
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Great job!R&R
Went back this morning and got a 24" and that was all. Shot out to a wreck to get some tog and got covered up by doggies. :( Then we went in to a closer wreck and it was barren. Back out tomorrow. :D
nice job
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