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back bay charts

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does anybody know where you can download back bay charts for the area from oc down to wildwood, i want to make copies of them and use the copies to mark which areas produce form trip to trip and file these in my fishing log, I really don't feel like having to buy a chart :rolleyes: I know my way around just want something i can use to mark up
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This may sound stupid but if you are just looking for some kind of chart to mark do what I do.

I know the water I fish but it's nice to have something to put your little secret markings on for future reference.

I take a few pages out of the phone book. I use the Cape May - Wildwood book. In the front they have pages that give a decent map of the towns and the back bays. I just make a copy and enlarge the areas I fish. They work great. They don't give depth or anything like that but they do give a great little map to mark on. Like I said, may sound stupid but it works for me. :D
great advice as always Chunking, :D that's all i needed not depths or anything, I know the area I fish as well and being that i'm no cartographer i wanted something to mark to see if i could pick out any trends over time. ;)
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