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back bay oc report

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Fished the outgoing tide this morning 6am to 10am first drift got a 32" 11# set him free saw about a half dozen fish caught all appeared to be in that 28" to 33" range most were caught before 8am. Nothing after that couldnt keep the cabbage off the bait.
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Nice catch and release goofy. thanks for the report! Were u drifting with eels?
Yeah I had the eels out there tried with different size weights, less weight less cabbage fish was caught with 2oz. but when the tide slowed down the grass was bad. Having a tough year had over 30 keepers by this time last year and my boat comes out on the 1st

I'm no expert on drifting eels but when I do I usually use much lighter weights than you have mentioned. I would think that 1/4 oz. would be a a good start or perhaps no weight if the cabbage is that bad and the drift is slow. I'm sure BucktailWilli or one of the other sharpies on the barn would be happy to give you some advice.
I use 1/4 oz unless tide is running real hard than I'll go to 1/2oz on a 5ft leader.
I think the lighter weight keeps the eel looking natural. the eel will alsways go to the bottom
I got 16 this morning but all mine were on bucktails,they didn't seem to want eels this morning
Ive been making my own rigs and trying different approaches, anywhere from 3 to 5 foot flourocarbon leaders with fishfinders swivels with beads and varying weights. I usually pump up the weight when the tide really runs anywhere from 1 to 2 oz. I will try going lighter to get a more natural look. Thanks for the advice
You are drifting those eels aren't you? If so do away with the beads and fishfinder and keep it simple attaching your leader to a trolling weight. I personally would also do away with the flouro and use a more flexable leader mat'l.
Thanks Capt I think my setup is better suited for chunking bunker Ill try what you said.
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