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Back Bay report 4/20

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Had a couple of hours after work, so I hit cold spring inlet with a 1/8 oz bucktail. worked the inside edges for about an hour with no sucess. Hit all the favorite sod bank spots on the way home with a top water plug. One miss. But it was a beautiful evening!
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sometimes it good enough just to be out there ! Based on your name and location you must be timms brother !
You got it. Tim is my brother. Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing???
its a good thing in my book ! I was at the wildwood boat show with him, when I met you
Capt Tom, we now have yet another venue to review what is really important and leave that insurance stuff to the boys that don't fish
Tar Heel Sport Fishing
Barnegat / Long Valley NJ
You got that right! nothing but fishing for the next 5 months...
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