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back bays behind SH/Avalon

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Had planned to go out on De. Bay but because of family obligations only had time to fish the back bays, twice, once Sun. & once Monday. Went to No Bones to get some clam bellies since they had worked so well for me before. Targeted stripers since I've not done well so far drifting for fluke in my usual spots.

Set up against the sod banks, behind 416, on Sunday, and thanks to the clam bellies had non stop action - but on sharks, and big ones. I'm used to the sand sharks being a foot, maybe a foot and a half, but thse guys were all in the 3' range, with big heads and mouths. I did get some stripers, but all were in the 20 - 22" range, no keepers.

Went up to Scotch Bonnet Monday and anchored, once again with Fred's clam bellies. After about 20 minutes all hell broke loose. I had two lines out and within seconds of each other both rods bent over with - you guessed it - sharks. One wound around my anchor line while I brought the other in. Again, 3 footers. I decided after that to put out just one line, and every time it went out I had another fish on. I may not enjoy the species but I have to admit for just pure fish-on fightin' you can't beat those bellies.

I got tired of the sharks and so drifted back from 402 to 414 looking for fluke with squid and minnows but no takers.

So, here's a theory to explain the relative slow picks in the back bay: could there be so many big sharks that they've eaten the forage fish and the fluke, weakies, etc. have gone elsewhere? Could that explain why there have been some big blues and weakfish taken in the back bay this year; they are the ones who can best survive in competition with the sharks? Could they have gobbled up lots of the small weakies and fluke?

Or, could it be me,losing my touch?...Naaaah.
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Funny u say that about the sharks...I was in stone harbor last night an up on the bridge i noticed a couple big sharks cruisin around the shadow line....didnt notice them until after i saw them go up on the flats....big heads and all

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Pretty normal this time of year...they really love them clams
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On saturday in Avalon on the jetty. The Blues (3-5lbs) were eating spike weakies.
That sounds like a pretty honest report.

I would tell ya that's my experience to a tee, but I would say try different depths, In other words float a clam with a split shot or just free behind your boat, you might get a few more stripers. Either way I have not been overlly impressed with this technique behind Avalon, daytime striper fishing is tough in the back.

Just talked to the B-inLaw who spent 2 days fluke fishing behind Avalon, not anything good to report

Good Luck
Ive been doing really good on flounder this year for numbers of keepers and size. No sharks yet tho.
Originally posted by KeysKid:
Pretty normal this time of year...they really love them clams
always a fine line behind Scotch Bonett this time of yr. Somebody turns off the bss and hits the shark button as far as fishing with clams.
Fluke should get better soon though.
I had similar results in back over the past several days. Sharks and skates all over. Burned through $32 of bellies with nothing but a few blues in the box. Released a ton of sharks, including one huge guy. I think I saw you fishing near Scotch Bonnett. Were you right at the mouth of the creek near the SH bridge ( I think Monday) before you went back? I passed someone on my way to and from getting gas in the boat. Was going to try there but didn't want to crowd someone elses chunking slick.
Reckoning, that was probably me you passed. 17' cc Grady White. B8CASTR.
The last three days, I caught 13 flounder, 10 keepers from 17 to 21 inches. I found a nice spot in the back.
I think the big sand sharks in the back spawning. there have been several bigguns this year I caught that seemed pregnant and about to pop. You could actually feel the babies inside squirming.
Get in a yak and head for the back bay/GSP areas. My theory the sharks do put the glory fishes into the back this time of year. ;)

Just wear a hard hat, the laughing gulls are starting to roost :eek:
sharks eat blue and striper s#$t! I think if you find sharks your very close too a stock of fish?
There was a 6 foot shark under my dock lights last night going crazy on small blues that were eating the bait fish. That was the largest shark I had ever seen under the dock lights.

Had my friend Scott up from Fla. for flounder fishing for Friday,Sat & Sun. With a little help from our friend Tom Ladner we manage 49 keepers for the 3 days with the largest 5lb. 1 oz. Did not catch 1 fish in water deeper than 8 feet. As usual most on the out going tide with 1/4 oz jig head with a new pink/yellow triple tail rubber that Scott brought up from Fla.

Needless to say Scott is sending me some more of these new "rubbers"
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