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Tried again today in the same location and the fish were there, for awhile anyway.

Took a rental boat out and dropped anchor and some bellies. On a hunch I told the camera man to have the camera ready. Line wasn't down more than two minutes when I hooked up. 27 incher in the box. Baited up and no sooner did it hit the bottom when it screamed off again. 32 incher released and bingo another one on. This one made a clean jump out of the water and measured 28 inches. It lasted exactly 25 minutes with a total of seven stripers then it stopped. Like someone threw a light switch.

Picked up one more in the low 20's but it was over. Made a move but still no action. When the tide changed I moved back to my original location and boated one more short. Threw the last of of the bellies and was ready to call it a day when the line screamed off again. 36 incher with one more around 30 before we headed in.

Strange day the way they were there then weren't but it sure beat the day before. Checked their stomachs and found a load of bellies, crabs, mantis shrimp and grass shrimp.

Fished next to Kayak Drifter for awhile and watched him boat one nice one. Other than one boat towards the end of the day me and Kayak had the whole area to ourselves.

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