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Had planned an all out assault this afternoon...9 foot "mini-bait" rig in a spike with a gob o' fresh clam...and a little Ugly Stick to chuck everything from Bombers to Fin-S, Storm Shads to T-Hexes...I was all set to wreak havoc. I got the clam rig dunked and realized something was glaringly amiss...My plug bag, containing all the metals, plugs, bucktails, and 3/4 of the soft plastic arsenal I'd planned to use, was still sitting comfortably on the kitchen table back in North Cape May :D Beside clam I was down to a single Spro bucktail(a holdout from taking my beach/sod bucket along for the boat's maiden voyage Tuesday) and a plano box full of 6" Fin-S...which luckily also contained a handful of jigheads, or they'd have been completely useless.

Drowned a half pint of fresh shucked, and washed out a handful of salted mack strips on my lone bucktail with nary a nibble.

Switching gears tomorrow...tempted to check TI thereabouts for the am, and the PLUG BAG IS IN THE TRUCK :D
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