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Bait Strips

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Saw on the Delaware Bay forum that shark and bluefish strips are working for fluke. If I were to use these baits in the back bays what size would be recommended? Also should these be used on a bucktail or a jighead? Thanks in advance for any help -

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Good ?'s Moby...I would cut them fairly long about 4-6 in...I would think you can use them on either a BT or a JH...You can also use a single hook rig with a 3-way swivel and snap for the sinker with about a 36in leader hook...GOOD LUCK!!!
Mobyduck - I always use them on bucktails and generally use 4-6 in strips. I read an article in the Fisherman written by Milt Rosko (sp??) a few months back and he recommended using strip baits on plain jig heads so its worth a shot. I always trim the strips for a long, lean bait with a tapered bottom. Good luck and work the bait to get the best action out of it ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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