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Barnegat Bay

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Haven't been out fishing for the last couple of weeks, going out tonite, Anything happening near the BB or BI buoys ? Any weakfish sightings anywhere ?

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Here's the latest from FishermansHeadquarters.
Hope This Helps....Good Luck Out There......
I found some Small Weakfish in the Bay over
last weekend from Spike Size to 15" or so....
August 4, 2004
8:00 AM Carl Sims of Toms River fished Double Creek late yesterday and boated 18 Fluke and a Weakfish on the outgoing tide using squid and minnows. The weakfish was 17" and they were able to keep 4 Fluke. He's heading outside today to try for some larger fish.
August 3, 2004
8:00 PM
In the surf... Dan B. fished this afternoon in Brant Beach and landed 12 Kingfish using bloodworms. This past Sunday, Ryan B. landed a 34" Striper in the Beach Haven surf using a "strip of squid"... Congrats to Ryan!
In the boats... Don B. tried the Sea Girt reef and it sounds like he had to work hard for two keeper Fluke. Greg C. and his crew of two did well landing over 20 large keeper Fluke at the fish haven off BI.
1:00 AM Capt. Flatty agrees the Fluke at the Southern Edge of the Barnegat Reef fish haven are stacked. On his last trip he caught over 60 Fluke with the largest being 7 lbs 10 ozs. He kept the rigs simple but used big baits.
Billy I. reported catching a few small weakfish along the sedges of the southern end of the island.
AUGUST 2, 2004
5:00 PM Received George S.'s report of Saturday's trip on the Skirt Chaser. At least 40 Fluke were caught with the largest being 6 pounds. Sorry, no report on location or tide.
9:00 AM Herring and small bluefish entertained some of the jetty casters at the Lighthouse after the rain ended last evening. Crabbing has been very good this weekend especially along the drop-offs on the west side of the bay.
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Thanks Nightstrikes,

Will post a report tomorrow on how we did.Proably gonna try and target some weakies, grass shrimp and sheddar crab on the menu tonite.

Went out last evening, anchored up and started tossing some grass shrimp to get a slick going.
Used pieces of sheddar on shad darts dead sticked a rod with sheddar..after about an hour and a half...Nothing...deceided to pull the hook and shoot up the bay towards the BI buoy and drift.
1st drift..BANG...Weakie....BANG ..another and another. Total nonstop action for about 45 mins total count 28 weakfish 15-19 inches...kept a few and tossed the rest back. Was using a chartreuse grub twister and they were all over it...marked the spot and will hit it again early Saturday morning..

Nice, Very Nice Scarface,,,,,,

Thanks For The Report........
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