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Went to the Risge and trolled a 5 rod spread

Saturday Morning 7/8 onsite 9am until 1pm
Barnegate Ridge North
Fished for Schoolie BFT
Conditions: 2 - 4 rollers on the way out that layed down with an hour and was like a lake the rest of the day
Water temp 72 Deg surface - clear blue
Visibility - slight overcast, cool beautiful day

There were about 20 boats out there, only a few were trolling the rest were chunking, saw a few pulling in bluefish. All our catches were in the vincinity of the rest of the boats. We moved to the south end of the north ridge with no strikes at all, we trolled there for about and hour and half.

Catch: 4 Bluefish, 2 Bonita and 1 False Albie

Clark Spoon w/ 4oz Drail on stbd cleat
Natural Cedar w/ 4oz drail on port cleat
Blue/silver 4" daisy chain squid skirts on port rigger
Blue jet head on port rigger
Small boone bird (yellow) and green machine wwb

Switched cedar plug to red and white boone feather
Switched jet head to boone mini daisy chain with boone green/white feather

The Blues hit the squid daisy chain 2x, the red/white feather 1x and the mini boone bird daisy chain (this one was 12lbs)

The bonita hit a double on the spoon and cedard plug

the false albie hit the spoon

Not a bad day but was hoping for a BFT, oh well, Next time I want to try heavier drails and get some depth on my rigs.:D
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