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Barneget Light?

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Anyone been fishing the lighthouse? I'm thinking of going down this evening to try for weakfish. It's not the best tide, but gotta go when I get the chance.
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It's Worth a Shot Bud,,,
I was talking to a fishermen on Sat.Morning
and some schools of Weakfish were spotted in
Barnegat Bay,Backside of Barnegat Light...
He caught 3or4 in the 14-18"range on a Fin-S-Fish
before the Sun Got To Brite.....

Good Luck,Let Us Know How You Make Out If You
Thanks, I'll post tomorrow how I did...or didnt do.
Nothing exciting. Herring are in there thick if you want to catch some bait. A few small blues. Had a few taps that MAY have been weakfish, but since I didn't catch them...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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