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bassbarn snowfall threads

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:razz:It starts with the news reporting a potential snowstorm , than it begins

B greehen , we might get a snowstorm if the moon lines up with mars while the hatians clean up a earthquack in afghanistan, and if my dog goes out to pee and does not see her shadow, the snow will fall from the ground up into the trees. the whole time I was busy releasing a world record striper, because my buddy was being eatin by a bluefish.:nuts:

Catch 22 what is wrong with you, you said maybe , anybody can say maybe. And striper's need to be killed they are a menace to society , let the haitans and the afghans come shovel my snow. but wait a minute we might get some . :huh:

You two crack me up, it is like watching a abbott and costello epsisode or something.
you both should go to barnfest and duke it out in a celebrity barnmember boxing match, or a drink off. :cheers::razz::wave::wave:
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