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RE: Beach Creek waterway in North Wildwood, just south of the low bridge/Rt.147 overpass, north end.

Be advise NJDOT just did a scour protection project at the rusty bulkhead (where everyone crabs from the bulkhead) where the traffic light is for Rt. 147/Angelsea Drive in North Wildwood. This is the stretch of Beach Creek is just south of the low Rt. 147 bridge, where the docks end (end of no wake zone) & you can open up to full throttle.

The NJDOT project deposited large rip-rap stone underwater at the base of the old bulkhead to about 10 feet out. The rocks are "boxed in" in geotextile fabric "cages" so the netting holding everything together is also a low-tide hazard. Design plans have at least 8 feet of water clearance at MLW at its closest point to mid-channel. HOWEVER, be advise at really low water, traveling close in to the bulkhead (which a majority of boaters do thinking its deeper water), you might hit the stones... Watch out! Favor/stay in mid-channel at low tide to play it safe. Just a fair warning...

Trying to get it marked with 2 NJSMP "Obstruction" buoys, but that might take some time.
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